Nomad Nutrition

Nomad Nutrition promotes a healthy, organic lifestyle through adventure meals geared towards backpackers, hikers, climbers, paddlers, hunters and anyone venturing on overnight excursions. We strive to provide you with the highest quality ingredients and optimized nutrition to feed your adventure.

Integrity is at the core of what we do. We’re not a big company, making money by telling people what they want to hear. We’re wild souls and adventurers, like you, and we believe that there are some things -- a lot of things, actually -- that are more important than money.

We are committed to good food. That means:

Optimized Nutrition: 

We design our meals to meet the nutritional needs of a high-performance outdoor athletes. Over time, we have refined our recipes to contain just the right ratios of healthy fats, lean protein and complex carbs. And they’re packed with nutrient-dense calories, to keep the stoke high. We’re currently working on lab testing all our recipes, to make sure that our percentages are precise and accurate.

High Quality, Healthy Ingredients

We won’t put anything out there that we wouldn’t put into our own bodies. The only ingredients on our ingredients list are items that you could find at your local market. We do our best to use organic, non-GMO ingredients, and all our meals are gluten free, with vegan and paleo options, so that you can make the healthiest choice for your body.

Handcrafted, Locally Made Meals

Our meals aren’t put together in a lab or a factory somewhere overseas. They’re handcrafted right here in Vancouver, by us, in a kitchen that probably looks a lot like yours (unless you’re living in your van, in which case, ours might be a bit bigger).

Respect for Wild Places

Just like you, we spend a lot of time outside. We recognize that what we do, and what we consume, has an impact on the places we care about. While we are far from perfect, we are always working on becoming more sustainable and having a smaller footprint. (We’re open to suggestions too, so get in touch if you see something we could be doing better.)


We have entered a new era of wilderness pursuits. As fast and light becomes the golden standard, and technical gear carries more people deeper into the backcountry, we are faced with more opportunities, and more challenges, than those who have gone before us.

We grapple with what it means to respect wild places -- to experience them or leave them alone -- while celebrating those mountaineers or skiers or ultra runners or who live at the outer borders of will, endurance and human achievement. We worry about the human and environmental costs of our activities and our gear at the same time as we chart out the warmth-to-weight ratio of the sleeping bag we’re thinking of buying for our next expedition.

In the midst of these overlapping ideals, Nomad Nutrition sees enormous possibility. We see a landscape where a passion for wild pursuits spurs environmental activism, and is supported by an understanding of what humans need to feel and perform at their best.

That means a deeper understanding of ourselves and our environment. It also means better food.

Our mission

To feed avid adventurers and their pursuits with healthy, sustainable, handcrafted meals; to share our passion for clean, non-GMO sports nutrition; and to support local food producers whenever we can.

In short, we set a new standard for trip food.