Your backcountry meal can be as exciting as your trail and more thoughtful than its calories per ounce (though we’re certainly counting).

Reach into your bear canister for a meal that celebrates your destination. We think you deserve it, so we’ve set out to curate meal plans from the most persnickety vendors you aren’t seeing in your local storefront and we’re going to place that goodness on your welcome mat.

No more instant potatoes. No more space food. We’ve made a world of wilderness nutrition as accessible as a box at your door and as easy as a monthly subscription.

Artisan bars. Unique, regional snacks and energy boosters. Small batch jerky. Meals with flavor profiles as diverse and dynamic as the landscape in which you’ll eat them. We’re mailing you an experience to punctuate a day of experiences.

We’ve been to the summit and we want to take you there. No peaks and valleys of energy. No flavor fatigue. Just a box of flavor for your adventure. Leave the work behind.

Trail Manna. Backcountry nutrition in a box. The wilderness at your door.


Meet Trail Manna


Frank Taylor

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Whether he’s sitting behind a computer screen, or out indulging in the many great restaurants that Oklahoma City has to offer, Frank experiences a constant pull to the outdoors. It’s this nagging desire to experience nature, combined with his love of new, unique, interesting foods that helped lead to the creation of Trail Manna. You can find him hiking and camping with his boys, backpacking in one of our national parks, or just sharing food and drink with friends and family.


Jake Yandell
sourcing and fulfillment

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Jake is that guy who knows every greasy spoon, every taco truck, every bbq pit in town. His obsession with backpacking and great food bore a frustrating clash due to lack of quality options even from the biggest backcountry retailers. This became, in part, the genesis for the Trail Manna concept we have authored together. He’s romantic about the wilderness. He’s a mile junkie. He takes his coffee black, his whiskey neat and his switchbacks like a sprightly goat.

Erik Gause
marketing, media, customer relations

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From the meanest street of one of Lake Charles, Louisiana's rough and tumble neighborhoods, this chubby, pale-skinned, Atari video gamer longed for the outdoors. Well, longed is a stretch... perhaps "feared" and "avoided at all costs" was much more appropriate. As this young man grew, his hobbies increased to include folksy guitar, sitting around fires, cooking, and loving people where they are. Eventually these passions led him outside of the comfort of the indoors to pursue a more adventurous path. Currently, you might find him hiking, running, road biking, running the ecommerce game, homebrewing, and still looking for that peaceful easy feeling around a campfire.